Cooktown and Cape York  Find Your Travel Experience

Cooktown and Cape York Find Your Travel Experience

Cooktown and Cape York Tours

Cooktown is a historical town right by the sea and is the gateway to Cape York for the adventurous travelers wishing to reach the top of Australia. You will need at least two to three days to travel from Cairns to Cooktown and back by road. The coastal road from Cairns to Cooktown is for 4WD only in some parts however the inland road to Cooktown is a normal road the entire way. There are several ways of traveling to Cape York but it is advisable not to travel between November and April, as it is the wet season. The distance from Cairns to the tip of Cape York is over 1000km. The quickest way to see Cape York would be to take a one to three day air tour. The best and easiest way to visit Cape York is on an organized tour. Organized Cape York Tours can be accommodated or camping tours. The last option is to take your own, or a hired four wheel drive vehicle to Cape York. This only advisable to people with off road driving experience, and to hire a four wheel drive campervan is the best option if you wish to self drive through this remote wilderness region.

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