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Our local consultants have organised hundreds of Far North Queensland holidays with many happy customers. We can tailor make the holiday to suit your needs and budget. Perhaps the following reviews will give you an idea of the kind of holidays we can organise. If you send in a review, we may publish it here for the benefit of other travellers. Please tell us in your review, your first names, occupation, Age bracket, where you visited and comments on the holiday.

Feedback from recent customers

Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2009
Subject: Thank You

Dear Andrew,

I am slowly getting back to normal from holidaying in Cairns. I still have not unpack all our bags (only caught up with the washing of clothes.) as I arrived back in Albury on Sunday and went back to work on Monday.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort you have put in to make my family holiday special. As you know I personally have not been on a holiday for 30 years, which also means that my 3 sons have not had one with me. So this holiday was very important for me, as it could be the only one I might have with my sons, (as you know they are 22, 20 and 18) and I might not have this opportunity again. As they will have their own lives to live now.

The package deal you have organized was fantastic. In the 7 days that we were there, we had covered nearly all aspects of Cairns. The guides we had on Cape Trib. - Daintree Nat. park and the Highlands - Northern Eco. we great.

I fell in love with Paronella Park and the story of the Spanish Castle. The scones at Lake Barrine were to die for. It was awesome, being on the lake and thinking wow, I am on a crator of an Volcanoe. The Lasagne at the "Out of the Whey" Tea House at the Mungali Creek dairy was surperb and the cheese - the best. Anyone going there just has to try the icecream. I was the only one who had one (as far as I know). William my eldest got embrassed by my moaning (of shear pleasure), while eating the icecream on the bus. (Everyone was laughing and I am sure regretting that they did not buy some) I felt I died and went to heaven. Brett is a fabulous tour guide. I hope that you will encourage tourist to go on his tour trip.

As a travel agent, I can not fault you. I had workied at various businesses and have been in contact with a wide range of business and services. I would like to say Andrew, you are very professional at what you do, have great customer service and what I like the most from you, you follow up to make sure everything is running well and on schedule. I would like to thank you for making the effort in coming down to our Motel to introduce yourself to us. It was great putting a face to the voice.

I wish you all the best in your endevours and please do not change anything you do, because what you are doing now is perfect.

Again, thank you for making my holiday with my sons perfect.

Sincerely yours,

Matilda Polanetz

Sent: Sent: 1 Sep 2010
Subject: Cairns Holiday


Just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday out of Cairns last week. The tours were all fantastic (favourites being the 3 days in the Daintree and the Atherton Tableland tour) and all pick-ups and airport transfers really helped ensure minimum stress and maximum time to actually enjoy the holiday.

Thank you also for the prompt refund for the Sea kayaking tour. It is a shame we didn't get to do it - however we went to a freshwater watering hole / swimming area near the Mason's general store which was quite spectacular.



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Photo Competition

We have a $20 monthly prize for the best photo including them in it, sent to us from the holiday they booked with us. A limit of 2 photos applies per entrant. Please make sure the photos you email us are not too large in size or we may not be able to use them.